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Friendly Pinger 5.0

It is a networking tool which monitors all your network services with ease
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Friendly Pinger 5.0 is an advanced networking tool that monitors all your network services with ease. Its user friendly interface gives you the ability to track all the network devices availability over your network through your computer. It displays all the device of the computer as small pictures on a screen. This utility shows IP address of your computer and provides a series of IP addresses for scanning. You can easily get DNS information of each address after the scanning process of the network. Its trace route option helps the user to see the route to a particular address. It also alerts the user incase of login and logout of any computer by sending the e-mail message, playing the sound files, displaying the event on web page and in many more ways . Besides it automatically gathers information about hardware and software of the entire computers on your network, make reports, add and delete new device and labels, and keep track of repairs and upgrades, saves hardware and software changes history and much more to suit system specialists, system administrators and networking operators.

Krishna Vulisetti
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  • Automatically collects information about all the devices in your network
  • you can scan IP addresses
  • Keep all the changes informations


  • During graphic route representation, intermediate addresses which are not found on the map are skipped
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